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D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard
Wednesdays 6:00 PM

DM: Ed, Eugenio, Miz

This is especially a great campaign for players that are new to D&D 4e.
Information on D&D Encounters, including rules on character creation, can be found on the official site.

When making a new character, make sure you are using Essentials rules only. New characters start at level 1.

Although players are encouraged to make their own character, there are pre-made characters available so you can just jump in if you want.

D&D Lair Assault: Forge of the Dawn Titan
Thursdays 6:00 PM?

DM: Dang

If you think you have what it takes to brave the fiercest foes, fight the toughest battles, and conquer the vilest enemies, we have a new Dungeons & Dragons play experience for you! Starting in September, gather your master tacticians and rules experts together to kick down the dungeon doors and begin the assault!

D&D Lair Assault is a new Wizards Play Network in-store program that pits tactically-minded players against a super challenge where the difference between victory and defeat is dependent upon your game knowledge, ability to adapt, and a little bit of luck. You’ll pit your wits against some of the most difficult encounters you’ve ever played. Each challenge is a mega-encounter that plays in just a few hours, but many will need to make more than one run at it in pursuit of victory.

Living Forgotten Realms
Delayed until September

DM: Ed, Miz, Nick

Information on Living Forgotten Realms can be found in the LFR Campaign Guide.

If you want to participate in the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, create a character ahead of time using the rules on page 22, except make it a Level 6 character.

Yo Gamma Gamma! (Gamma World)
Whenever we can – check the calender

DM: Nick

Think of it as a backup feature in a comic book. Whenever we’ve got a little (or a lot of) extra time after an LFR adventure, we will be continuing a Gamma World game. Don’t worry if you are new and don’t worry if you show up in the middle of it. It’s Gamma World. It’s post-apocalyptic world. Insanity is expected. Characters are made on the spot. The only preparation you need is..well a little table-top/d20 experience and a vivd imagination. For more info check out Gamma World.

Want to play with us?

Just drop in at the appropriate game start time. We’ll work you in!
Check the Calender for an updated schedule.

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