Gaming at Third Planet

Dark Legacy of Evard - Chapter 1, Session 4

Our heroes are summoned to meet a local priest who advises the heroes to check out suspicious activities in the graveyard on the edge of town, where the intrusion of the Shadowfell seems to have began. He also gives them a holy symbol of the dawn in the idea that it may somehow be useful.

The heroes accept this charge and proceed to the graveyard where they encounter the undead, specifically shades, zombies and ghouls. After a knock-down, drag-out battle, the heroes prevail. They examine a stone crypt that had been magically sealed for an unknown reason, but the seals lie broken and an undisturbed but charred skeleton laid within. A book, perhaps a diary in some unrecognizable script is found as well. Perhaps a clue to the strange events that are plaguing Duponde.

Tune in next week.

Our DM Miz. Our players, Eric (Immeral) an Eladrin Knight, Eric (Tom) a Human Hunter, Eugene (Geas) a Vryloka Blackguard and (Valenae) an Eladrin Warpriest.


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