Gaming at Third Planet

Dark Legacy of Evard - Chapter 2, Session 5

The heroes decipher the journal and discover the truth of who is buried in Evard’s crypt, a tale of duplicity, necromancy, possession and revenge.

The heroes are invited to hear the revelations of an aged Vistani seeress. After listening to her tale, the seeress’ house is attacked. Some are greatly affected by their brush with the malignant embrace of the Shadowed, while others are less affected and rise to the challenge.

Where does the trail lead next?

DM: Miz. Characters: Bareis the Paradin, Keira the Thief, Valenae the Warpriest, Freadows the Cleric, Immeral the Knight, Roself the Executioner, Geas the Blackguard, Tom the Hunter and Priscilla’s Warlock.


minep Windsflower

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