Gaming at Third Planet

Living Forgotten Realms - Session 9

WATE1-2 “Dark Secrets of Downshadow” Part 2

Well, that sucked. First off, half of you get kicked out of the club forcing you to sneak in from outside with the help of the two who did get in. (One of you managed to moonwalk up the staircase without a hitch, so what’s up with the rest of you?) Then, rather than plainly get by the dwarven guards who would have paid you no mind, you decide to tempt fate and fight them anyways. Luckily, you were swift with your brand of whatever the opposite of “justice” is and headed into some rank smelling sewers only to have Dark Ones drop kick you into darkness. What else is in store? Where’s this kid? How did he not throw up on the job? And how can you not find a dwarf with 4 tentacles instead of arms in this mess? He’s got four tentacles? (Of course, there’s the nagging question of who in their right mind would come down here with children at all, but then again, it wouldn’t be a mystery if those things were quickly answered.)


minep pdrunk

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